GC Münster-Wilkinghege

Club philosophy


The Golfclub Münster-Wilkinghege provides everything, so that members and guests can enjoy their leisure time. This concerns sports activities as well as club life.

The Golfclub Münster-Wilkinghege sees itself as a sort of modern service institution. A special focus lies on common activities for all members, no matter what age they are, including a particularly family-friendly attitude.

The club is among the larger golfcourses in the Münster region and since offering quality on a high level it can be considered as one of the TOP clubs.

Professional leadership and being wellpositioned on the market stand for our success.

Each member can choose among competitive sports activities or easy-going rounds with friends and family.

Of great importance is also the quality of our golfcourse. It is kept in accordance with natural surroundings taking into account an economically solid and socially responsible care.

Environmental awareness and a sustainable use of resources are an essential component of our philosophy of being environmentally-friendly in order to preserve an atmosphere of a nature experience.